Importance of Lawn Overseeding and Aeration

In creating a healthy and thick lawn, regular lawn maintenance goes a long way. Overseeding and aeration are excellent for encouraging greener, fuller, and healthier lawn.  

Almost every lawn can benefit from overseeding and aeration whenever these two aspects are done correctly and in a timely manner.  

Here are several reasons why you need monthly lawn maintenance and why your lawn needs overseeding and aeration.  

Saves Money and Time 

You can easily prevent damage to your lawn if you invest in routine lawn maintenance services such as overseeding and core aeration. These damages typically cost a lot of work, money, and time to repair. Regular wear and tear, diseases, and pests all take a hard toll on your yard. Over time, it can cause severe damage if not dealt with immediately. Overseeding and aeration stop lawn damage from happening and is much less expensive compared to fixing a yard with serious damage.  

Boost the Appearance of Your Yard 

Whenever paired together, overseeding and aeration enhance the enjoyment and beauty of your yard. These features promote stronger grass and keep your yard looking green and lush. Healthy and strong grass looks wealthier in color. Seeding generates new plant growth. This will help your yard to be thick. It also stops the buildup of thatch, compaction of soil, and growth of weed, all of which could lead to an unappealing and dead yard. Overseeding and aerating your lawn regularly at the right times of the year offers you with a lawn that is pleasing aesthetically.   

Improves Seed Germination 

By offering access to the deeper areas of the soil, overseeding and aeration improves seed germination. A lot of seed is wasted on top whenever you seed your lawn. These seeds will not make down to your soil. The holes produced by core aeration enable the small seeds to sink down deep into the soil of your yard and germinate deep within. Thus, it will be safe against any disturbances. These holes offer a safe shelter from lawn traffic, birds, and pests. It enables them to germinate in places where the roots can effectively grow and take hold.  

Encourage a Healthy Lawn 

Overseeding and aerating your yard encourages its health. It also establishes a resistance to weeds and illnesses. To grow strong, deep, and thick, grassroots require nutrients, water, and air. Soil becomes compacted over time. This stops the flow of nutrients getting to the roots of your lawn. To break up and loosen up compacted soil, core aeration must be done. This enables maximum nutrients, water, and air to enter deep down into the root and soil system of your lawn.  

Overseeding your yard enables new varieties of grass to be presented to your yard that would help in resisting weeds, pest infestation, and illnesses. Overseeding fills in thin or bare parts and thickens your turf. This will make your lawn better-fitted to get rid of weeds. You will certainly have a greener and healthier yard if you have fewer weeds to take care of.