A concrete driveway could take a lot of abuse over time. After all, concrete is designed to endure the weight of cars that weigh a lot of pounds. In addition to that, roots often push up from beneath the driveway or items fall on the concrete. A driveway that is stained could be just as hard to handle. This includes spilled paint, car oil, and rust. These are only some of the materials that can stain your concrete.  

Of course, there is a solution to everything. Here are several professional concrete construction options for fixing your concrete driveway: 


You might start to see that your once-elegant design and color has started to fade with wear, sun exposure, and time if you’ve been enjoying a stained and elegant driveway for a lot of years.  

Don’t worry. A professional concrete company can recolor the surface of your concrete to return the look of your driveway to its former glory. You may also choose that this is an excellent time to modify the color and look for a new aesthetic for your driveway. If required, a professional company can look at several options for laying a new topping over the driveway or re-staining the driveway to fix the issue without having to re-pour your driveway.  

Slab Jacking 

The soil underneath your driveway often erodes. Whenever this happens, the driveway will begin to sag. In addition to that, it’s likely that the soil wasn’t compacted correctly before the initial pour of the concrete. If that’s the case, the soil is giving way because of the stress of continuously supporting the weight of the car.  

If this happens to you, slab jacking might be the perfect option to fix the issue permanently. For those who don’t know, slab jacking includes drilling holes down into the concrete. After that, the concrete contractor will fill the slab using a grout solution. Finally, to resist staining and scruffs in the future while offering a lasting polished finish, the concrete contractor will use polyurethane.  

Stains or Engraving 

To cover the blemishes, you can stain or engrave your concrete. This is particularly true when the damage is quite small. For example, it might be possible to stain the driveway with a color that complements the mark left behind by other discoloration, such as the paint. The truth is that the mark may even integrate into the new pattern or color and improve it. 

In addition to that, a professional concrete contractor could produce a design where the marked components fall in line with your engraved pattern. This procedure will include staining the whole place and then changing the direction of the pattern.  


Resurfacing is possibly the best option for you if you’ve got a cracked driveway. With this procedure, the concrete has to be cleaned properly. After that, they will have to fill the crack. Lastly, a new surface is poured on top of your driveway. Having the chance to resurface your driveway with a new pattern, texture, or color is one of the benefits of resurfacing.